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Cover of Bed Bug Handbook

Bed Bug Handbook:

The Complete Guide to Bed Bugs and Their Control

Out of print. New revised edition coming in 2017.

The Bed Bug Handbook is a complete and up-to-date guide to bed bugs and their control. Extensively illustrated and with 286 pages, the handbook provides practical step-by-step guidance for preventing bed bug infestations and for controlling bed bug outbreaks. It includes details on bed bug inspections and methods of control including mechanical (encasements, vacuuming), thermal (dry heat, steam, and cold), insecticide treatments, and fumigation...More

To read an excerpt, click below:

Potential Insecticide Application Sites when Treating Beds. Following is a menu of potential insecticide application sites associated with beds and some techniques for treating these sites. The number and location of sites treated with insecticides will depend on the extent and severity of the bed bug infestation. Excerpt

Avoiding Bed Bugs During Bed Bug Work. A technician risks bed bug bites and carrying bed bugs home, especially in heavy infestations, and particularly if the technician leans against or sits on an infested bed or couch and a bed bug transfers to the technician’s clothing. Excerpt

The Business of Termite Control Termite book cover

How to Profit in Today's Changing Market

Two of the pest control industry’s leading experts, Larry Pinto and Dr. Doug Mampe, offer a comprehensive overview of how to successfully run a termite control business—in good times and bad. There are plenty of publications on the biology of termites and the technical aspects of control. This is the first that looks at the business side of termite control, and it is essential reading for anyone looking to profit in today’s changing termite control market...More

To read an excerpt, click below:

Staffing and Compensation. The business operations needed in termite work are selling, servicing, and office assistance to set up appointments and handle billing and receivables. In a small company, the owner may do the selling and servicing. As the company grows, a technician will do the servicing while the owner still sells. The owner and/or the technician may do renewal inspections. Eventually, a dedicated sales force will sell while technicians will service and do reinspections...More

Termite Business Strategies in Tough Times. Termite control businesses face challenges in a troubled economy. In this article are some suggestions for generating business when times are tough. Of course, these strategies also work well when the good times are rolling, too... More

Safety Manual cover

Pest Control Technician Safety Manual, 2nd Edition

The safety hazards faced by pest control technicians are extremely varied. Whether those hazards are pesticides or power tools, confined spaces or diseases, technicians need information and training to protect themselves from injury or illness on the job.

This book is both a reference book and a safety training tool. Written in plain English, it has easy-to-follow instructions. There are over fifty separate sections, listed in alphabetical order, each covering a safety issue relevant to pest control technicians. Each section includes illustrations and a list of key points...More

To read an excerpt, click below:

  • Safety Manual Excerpt...Hantavirus. Hantavirus is a rare but often fatal disease caused by a virus most commonly carried by the deer mouse and, in some areas, other species of mice such as the white-footed mouse. While rare, hantavirus is of special concern because of its high fatality rate. Excerpt
  • Safety Manual Excerpt...Confined Spaces and Pest Control Technicians. Imagine yourself stuck in a sewer manhole as the water level rises. Or sinking in stored bulk grain and unable to breathe as the grain closes over your head. Or trapped in an elevator pit as the elevator slowly crushes you. Such thoughts could give you nightmares! Excerpt



More pest control books coming 2017!


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