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The Business of Termite Control :

How to Profit in Today's Changing Market

Written by Larry Pinto and C. Douglass Mampe, Ph.D.


Cover of Business of Termite Control

The Business of Termite Control is the first book to look at the business side of controlling termites. There is a wealth of published technical information available on the tactics and technology of termite control, but little useful guidance on the business of termite control…until now! Two of the pest control industry’s leading experts offer a comprehensive overview of how to successfully run a termite control business – in good times and bad.

Here are the kinds of questions this book will help answer for those already in the termite business. Am I missing critical business opportunities with my current services? Should I change my current marketing strategy? Are there emerging niches I should exploit? And the biggest question, how can I adapt or focus my business to improve my bottom line?

Thinking of starting a termite control business? The Business of Termite Control will help answer questions such as: Can I compete with existing companies? What materials and equipment will I need? What will it cost me to get started? Who will train my employees? Can I avoid legal and regulatory problems? How do I price my work? What is the best way to market and sell my services?

Written for Professionals, by Professionals

Both authors have worked in the pest control industry for longer than they care to admit. Larry Pinto is an independent pest control consultant and the author of hundreds of articles about pest control and dozens of books, among them the Bed Bug Handbook. Dr. Doug Mampe is a consultant and one of the pest control industry’s leading experts on termite control, drawing on years of varied experience in the industry. Publisher: Pinto & Associates, Inc. (publishers of Techletter®); softcover, 7x9 inches, over 100 photos, 230 pages. Publication date: March 2011; ISBN 978-0-9788878-2-7.

If you would like to see what we included in The Business of Termite Control, click Table of Contents for a PDF file.

"I sold six jobs in the last week because of your book." -- Irvin Weidenmiller, Ormond Beach, Florida

Click on the button below to get your copy of The Business of Termite Control.

The price for The Business of Termite Control is $72 U.S. for buyers in the United States, which includes shipping and handling ($65 + $7 s/h). To order a single book, just click on the button below. Credit card orders will be charged upon receipt.

If you prefer, you can mail your check to Pinto & Associates, 29839 Oak Road, Mechanicsville MD 20659-2201.

Maryland residents will be charged an additional $4.32 for Maryland sales tax.

Significant quantity discounts are available ranging from 20% to 40% off. Unfortunately, multiple copies cannot be ordered online at this time but only by mail. For more information or to order multiple copies for shipment within the U.S., click multiple-copy order form (PDF). For shipment of multiple copies outside of the U.S., email us at books@techletter.com.



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