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The "Gold Standard" Publication on Bed Bugs for Professionals

NEW! Bed Bug Handbook, 2nd Edition

The Complete Guide to Bed Bugs and Their Control

Written by Larry Pinto, Richard Cooper, and Sandy Kraft


Cover of Bed Bug Handbook

Science, tactics, and technology related to bed bugs and their control have advanced greatly in the 14 years since the first edition of the Bed Bug Handbook. This timely new second edition of the Bed Bug Handbook will bring you fully up to date with expanded content, numerous new topics, and science-based recommendations. Extensively illustrated in full color and with 375 pages, the hardcover second edition provides the latest in practical step-by-step guidance for preventing bed bug infestations and for controlling bed bug outbreaks.

Status: Available

The second edition of the Bed Bug Handbook includes chapters covering bed bug biology and habits, how bed bugs spread, impacts on people, business liabilities, bed bug detection, and detailed discussions and practical guidance on all of your control options for bed bug control. There are also checklists for preventing and controlling bed bugs in apartments, hotels, furniture rental warehouses, and other sites, and an entire chapter covering best practices in bed bug control. If you would like to see more detail on what is included in the new Bed Bug Handbook, click Table of Contents for a PDF file.

  • Hardcover book of 375 pages with 290 colorful, high-resolution photos and numerous tables.
  • Practical how-to advice on the challenges professionals face when dealing with bed bugs.
  • The most comprehensive guidance that can be found anywhere on bed bug inspections, monitors, nonchemical tools, and insecticide application.
  • Includes business considerations such as legal issues, lawsuits, insurance, health and safety, contracts and service agreements, professionalism and ethics.
  • Summaries of research findings, good or bad, to help professionals choose the best control tactics, tools, protocols, and practices.
  • Clear and readable.
  • Extensive references. 

Written for Professionals, by Professionals

Written primarily for professionals…pest control specialists and the managers of hotels, apartments, and other commercial operations susceptible to bed bug infestations…the Bed Bug Handbook is an essential resource for anyone dealing with bed bugs and their control. The authors are entomologists with extensive experience dealing with bed bugs.

Publisher: Pinto & Associates, Inc.; hardcover, 8x10 inches,  290 color photos, 375 pages. 

Publication date: April 2021; ISBN 978-0-9788878-3-4.


Click on one of the buttons below to get your copy of the new Bed Bug Handbook.

The price for the Bed Bug Handbook is $129 U.S. for buyers in the United States, plus a shipping and handling charge of $15, for a total of $144. The total price is $152 U.S. for Canada. We are are not shipping to other countries at this time but plan to do so in the future. To order a single book, just click on one of the buttons below (U.S. or Canada). Orders must be prepaid and credit card orders will be charged upon receipt.

If you prefer, you can mail your check to Pinto & Associates, 29839 Oak Road, Mechanicsville MD 20659-2201.

Maryland residents are responsible for an additional $8.64 for Maryland sales tax.

Significant quantity discounts are available ranging from 20% to 40% off. Unfortunately, multiple copies cannot be ordered online at this time but only by mail or email. For more information or to order multiple copies for shipment within the U.S., click multiple-copy order form (PDF). For Canada, click Canadian multiple-copy order form (PDF)


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