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Pest Control Consulting Services

Summary of Services Available is the website of Pinto & Associates, Inc., a Virginia corporation, now located in Maryland. Part of our business consists of consulting on pest control. We have been providing consulting services since 1983.

Most of our consulting service is provided by two full-time urban entomologists, Larry Pinto and Sandra Kraft, with over 50 years of combined experience in urban entomology. Both also have strong backgrounds in ecology, integrated pest management (IPM), and training.

To evaluate their expertise and experience, click credentials.

For a brief discussion about whether hiring a pest control consultant is necessary, click "when to use a consultant".

What We Can Do for You

We provide a wide range of entomology and pest control consulting services to business and government. Our clients have included federal and state agencies, business associations, manufacturers, schools, and businesses with specific pest problems (property management firms, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, etc.). To see a client list, click here-- Client list.

For a summary of our consulting services, see below. Click on the links for more detailed information.

Pest control publications
We develop and produce books, newsletters, training manuals, computer-based training, and videos for other businesses and organizations. Our work includes columns and articles for magazines, company newsletter production, pest and pest control blogs, iin-house training letters for pest control firms, manuals and books on pest control, computer-based training, and videos. For a comprehensive list, please click here- Writing and producing publications
IPM support
We actively promote IPM and provide IPM consulting, training and materials to industry, government, and other organizations. Past customers include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, State of Connecticut, District of Columbia Government and Schools, National Pest Management Association, Arlington Virginia public schools, U.S. National Park Service, U.S. Department of Labor, and the Maryland Department of Agriculture. For a listing of IPM experience and examples, click here- IPM support
Trouble-shoot pest problems
We provide trouble-shooting on difficult pest problems, technical specifications for pest control services, pest control oversight on large projects, and review of existing programs. Examples include rodents in city buildings and on large construction sites, bed bugs in multi-family apartments, and flies in hospitals. For more information, please click here- Pest consulting
Field research
Each year we do a limited amount of field research related to pest control. We have been trained in Good Laboratory Practice Standards (GLPS).
Talks & training presentations
Larry Pinto is available for talks on a wide range of technical topics for pest control training sessions and other meetings. For a listing of recent talks, click here- Talks and training presentations
Legal work/expert witness
Pinto consults as an entomologist and pest control expert in legal cases, particularly those related to bed bug infestations (over 25 cases with court testimony in six).

For information on fees and retainers, click here- Fees and retainers

To contact us about consulting, click here- Contact us

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