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Pest Control Technician Safety Manual

Pest Control Technician Safety Manual, 2nd Edition

Safety Manual cover

The safety hazards faced by pest control technicians are extremely varied. Whether those hazards are pesticides or power tools, confined spaces or diseases, technicians need information and training to protect themselves from injury or illness on the job.

This book is both a reference book and a safety training tool. Written in plain English, it has easy-to-follow instructions. There are over fifty separate sections, listed in alphabetical order, each covering a safety issue relevant to pest control technicians. Each section includes illustrations and a list of key points.

Completely Revised and Updated

First published in 2000, the Pest Control Technician's Safety Manual was a popular book in the pest control industry, and went through three printings. Many companies made the manual the basis for their company safety program. We decided not to simply reprint the Safety Manual again, but rather to completely revise and update it to reflect changes in pest control procedures and equipment, safety equipment technology, and safety regulations.

As before, at the back of the book are questions to help review what was learned. There is nothing else like it available.

Publisher: Pinto & Associates, Inc. (publishers of Techletter®); softcover, 7x9 inches, illustrated, 272 pages, October 2006. List price $59 plus $7 shipping and handling.

ISBN 978-0-9788878-0-3.

If you would like to see what we included in the Safety Manual, click Table of Contents.


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The Safety Manual includes...

Accident reporting • Alcohol and drugs • Allergy • Asbestos
Attics and crawlspaces • Bird and bat roosts
Bloodborne pathogens • Compressed gas cylinders
Confined spaces • Driving and vehicle safety • Electric shock
Ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders • Fiberglass insulation
Fire • Firearms • First aid • Flashlights
Hand and power tools • Head injury • Heat and cold
Hookworm or “creeping eruption”
Hospitals and other medical facilities • Ladders
Lifting and back safety • Lockout/tagout • Molds
...and much more
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