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Pest Control Publications, Information, and Resources is the website of Pinto & Associates, Inc. We sell pest control related publications.

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Just Released!  The brand new second edition of the Bed Bug Handbook is now available! Written primarily for professionals…pest control specialists and the managers of hotels, apartments, and other commercial operations susceptible to bed bug infestations…the Bed Bug Handbook is an essential resource for anyone dealing with bed bugs and their control. Click here for more information.


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Alert! Business conditions have forced us to discontinue Techletter®, our training letter for professional pest control technicians, which we have published for 35 years. Increasing production and postal costs had made print publication unprofitable, and then the uncertainties set in motion by COVID-19 finished the deal.

An e-techletter may return in the summer or fall as part this website, which is being redesigned and optimized for use on phones and tablets. Stay tuned!

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