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EPA Proposes Continued Registration of DDVP (Dichlorvos)

Manufacturer to Drop Certain Uses and Add Label Restrictions

July 3, 2006--To help get DDVP reregistered by EPA, the manufacturer, AMVAC (American Vanguard), asked EPA to remove many uses and add label restrictions to the DDVP products that will remain. Based on those changes, EPA "determined that DDVP would be eligible for reregistration" and "that risks do not exceed levels of concern, and therefore no additional risk mitigation measures are necessary at this time."

For a description of DDVP, click DDVP.

The manufacturer will remove the largest pest strip use (100 grams) from the registration, and for the remaining sizes (both “large” and “small”), new restrictions would be added to product labels.

Specifically, the larger strips cannot be used in homes except in garages, attics, crawl spaces, and sheds that are occupied for less than four hours per day. For the smaller pest strips, use in the home is limited to closets, wardrobes, and cupboards.

The larger pest strips can continue to be used in boathouses, museum collections, animal buildings, milk rooms or enclosed areas occupied by people for less than four hours per day. They can also be used in unoccupied structures provided they are unoccupied for more than four months immediately following placement of a pest strip.

The manufacturer is deleting other uses of DDVP including mushroom house, greenhouse, and warehouse handheld fogger uses; total release fogger, as well as lawn, turf/ornamental and crack/crevice uses. (The registrant will stop distributing or selling DDVP as a source for the products listed above within 14 days of written notification from EPA that its label amendments have been approved.)

During the transition to the more restrictive labeling, existing products can continue to be used until the phase-out is complete.

EPA web pages with additional information on this topic (you will be leaving

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