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Bed Bug Articles, Information, and Links

Bed Bug Articles at

Top 10 Pests: Bed Bug. Review of the biology and habits of the bed bug. Full Story

Bed Bug History. There has been a clear and major resurgence of bed bugs throughout much of the world. The increase has been documented for the United States, Canada, Australia, parts of Europe, and parts of Africa. The question is, why? Full Story

Bed Bugs in Apartments. Managers of apartment buildings, and the pest control companies servicing them, have been seeing an increasing number of severe bed bug outbreaks in many urban areas. Not just in one or two apartment units, but spread throughout a building, or even a complex of buildings. Full Story

Why Are Bed Bugs So Difficult to Control in Apartments? Five reasons bed bug control is so difficult. Full Story.

Ten Recommendations to Help Apartment Managers Get Rid of Bed Bugs. Actions by management that can help prevent and control bed bugs in apartment buildings. Full Story

How to Get Ready for Your Bed Bug Service Visit. Bed bugs are tough to control. They hide in many places…in beds, closets, furniture, behind pictures, in tiny cracks in the wall… so inspections and treatments must be thorough. Pest control technicians need your cooperation in order to control bed bugs successfully. Full Story

"How Did These Bed Bugs Get Into My Home?" The most common way for bed bugs to invade your home is for you, your family, or your friends to bring them in without realizing it. Bed bugs are excellent “hitch-hikers.” Full Story

How to Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Bed. There are a number of things you can do to make it more difficult for bed bugs to infest your bed. Full Story

How to Find Bed Bugs in Apartments. Anyone inexperienced with bed bugs will have little idea of just how intense an inspection it takes to find all the pockets of a bed bug infestation. Your initial inspection must be thorough, and you will need to return again after treatment and reinspect just as thoroughly. Full Story

Controlling Bed Bugs in Apartment Buildings--Part 1, Insecticides. Fifty years ago the insecticides being applied typically controlled bed bugs after one application, and kept controlling them for months (or more). Insecticides today are not nearly as effective against bed bugs. In apartments especially, one service visit is rarely enough. Full Story

Controlling Bed Bugs in Apartment Buildings--Part 2, IPM. Can IPM tactics be used against bed bugs? Of course. Can IPM reduce the amount of insecticides used against bed bugs? Yes, sometimes, by fine-tuning treatments and reducing retreats. Can IPM improve your success? You bet! Full Story

Insecticides for Bed Bug Control. Listings of insecticides labeled for bed bug control, including those with mattress treatment listed. Full Story

Potential Insecticide Application Sites when Treating Beds—Excerpt from the Bed Bug Handbook. Following is a menu of potential insecticide application sites associated with beds and some techniques for treating these sites. The number and location of sites treated with insecticides will depend on the extent and severity of the bed bug infestation. Full excerpt

Avoiding Bed Bugs During Bed Bug Work. A technician risks bed bug bites and carrying bed bugs home, especially in heavy infestations, and particularly if the technician leans against or sits on an infested bed or couch and a bed bug transfers to the technician’s clothing. Full excerpt

British Truck Drivers Report Bed Bug Infestations. Professional drivers in Ulster, England have been complaining of bed bug infestations in their lorries. (Lorries are what the British call their trucks.) Full Story

Excerpt from Complete Guide to Traveling Bed Bug Free. During Your Stay—In the event that bed bugs are associated with the room but have gone undetected, there are some measures that you can take during the remainder of your stay to reduce the likelihood of taking the bed bugs home with you. Full excerpt

Bed Bugs in Office Buildings. A special report funded by MGK and published by PCT magazine as a supplement to their February 2010 issue. Written by L. Pinto, R. Cooper, and S. Kraft, the guide is meant to help both pest management professionals as well as office management through the treatment process. Bed Bugs in Office Buildings PDF

General Bed Bug Resources

Bed Bug Handbook: The Complete Guide to Bed Bugs and Their Control, Second Edition. The definitive resource for bed bug information today--hardcover, 8x10 inches,  290 color photos, 375 pages. Written primarily for professionals…pest control specialists and the managers of hotels, apartments, and other commercial operations susceptible to bed bug infestations…the Bed Bug Handbook is an essential resource for anyone dealing with bed bugs and their control. The authors are entomologists with extensive experience dealing with bed bugs. Bed Bug Handbook.

Monograph of Cimicidae. A scientific review of the biology of the insect familiy Cimicidae (bed bugs). Published in 1966. Recently reissued and available from the Entomological Society of America on the ESA publications page. (Note: This link takes you out of

Complete Guide to Traveling Bed Bug Free. A PDF e-book published by Bed Bug Central and written by Phil Cooper, Jeff White, and Stephanie Madden of Bed Bug Central and Cooper Pest Solutions of Lawrenceville, New Jersey. This new version contains over 40 pages of the most up-to-date bed bug information, color pictures and tips to help you remain bed bug free when you travel. Travel Guide. (Note: This link takes you out of

The Bed Bug Resource. A website devoted to the bed bug: biology, control, news stories, and more. This site also includes a links page for resources on bed bugs--Resources. (Note: These links take you out of A website devoted to the bed bug including news stories and a forum. (Note: This link takes you out of

Bed Bug Central. A commercial website dedicated to information and products related to bed bugs: Bed Bug Central. This site also includes Bed Bugs 101, an excellent resource for basic information on bed bugs written by industry bed bug expert Richard Cooper. (Note: These links take you out of A website with many articles on bed bugs: The producer of the website is a professional writer who collects and reorganizes information on bed bugs from the media, professional texts, government and academic sources, other websites and exchanges with pest control professionals.


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