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Free Training on New OSHA Rules on the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS)

OSHA HCS Training Modules

Set of techletter issues
These training modules were first published in Techletter. For more information on Techletter, follow the LINK.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that pest management companies train their technicians on certain aspects of the revised Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). Training includes changes in the labels of non-pesticide hazardous chemicals, as well as knowledge of the new Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that replaces the MSDS for each pesticide and non-pesticide hazardous chemical. This training is to be completed by December 1, 2013.

Here you will find an Introduction to the HCS training requirement, 10 Techletter training modules covering various aspects of the HCS changes, and a review exam with answers. We cannot verify that this training will satisfy OSHA's requirements but we have attempted to be as complete as possible in addressing OSHA's areas of concern. You should view OSHA's main HCS website at for details. Files linked below are all PDF.

Introduction to Mandated OSHA HCS Training Requirements

Module HCS 1 - Labels - Fewer Signal Words & New Pictograms
Module HCS 2 - Labels - New Pictograms Depict Chemical Hazards
Module HCS 3 - Labels - Required Categories for Non-Pesticide Labels
Module HCS 4 - Labels - How Do the HCS Label Changes Affect You?
Module HCS 5 - Labels - New HCS Labels Are More User-Friendly
Module HCS 6 - SDS - The Safety Data Sheet Has Replaced the MSDS
Module HCS 7 - SDS - Safety Data Sheet Sections - Part I
Module HCS 8 - SDS - Safety Data Sheet Sections - Part II
Module HCS 9 - SDS - Safety Data Sheet Sections - Part III
Module HCS 10 - SDS - Chemical Labels and SDSs Go Together

HCS Proficiency Exam - 20 questions

Exam Answers



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