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Pest Control Publications, Information, and Resources is the website of Pinto & Associates, Inc. We sell pest control related publications and consulting services.

Our flagship publication is Techletter®, a biweekly training letter for professional pest control technicians. Techletter has been in continuous publication for over 30 years.

Our Top-Selling Publications

This website also provides information on pests, pest control, and IPM for both professionals and nonprofessionals. Be sure to look at our choice for the top 10 pests in and around buildings.



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Bed Bug Information

Bed bugs have changed the way we live, travel, and conduct business, and they are likely to remain the most challenging indoor pest for at least the next decade. We can provide expertise and information about bed bugs and their prevention and control through our publications, articles, and consulting service.

Bed Bug Handbook: The Complete Guide to Bed Bugs and Their Control (Out of print. New, completely revised edition coming in 2017)
The definitive resource for bed bug information today. Extensively illustrated and with 286 pages, the handbook provides practical step-by-step guidance for preventing bed bug infestations and for controlling bed bug outbreaks. Written by entomologists Larry Pinto, Rick Cooper, and Sandy Kraft, and featured on network and cable news. To order, click Bed Bug Handbook. If you would like to see what we included in the Bed Bug Handbook, click Table of Contents. Here are some "reviewer's comments."

There are also two excerpts linked below.

Articles About Bed Bugs includes over a dozen articles about bedbugs and their control. For a complete listing and links go to Bed Bug Articles, Information, and Links.
Consulting on Bed Bug Infestations
We provide advice on difficult bed bug problems, technical specifications for bed bug control services, and expert witness service on bed bug legal issues. Consulting Service


Professional Pest Control Technicial and Business Information

The Business of Termite Control: How to Profit in Today's Changing Market

Two of the pest control industry’s leading experts, Larry Pinto and Dr. Doug Mampe, offer a comprehensive overview of how to successfully run a termite control business—in good times and bad. There are plenty of publications on the biology of termites and the technical aspects of control. This is the first that looks at the business side of termite control, and it is essential reading for anyone looking to profit in today’s changing termite control market.

The book is 230 pages, illustrated, softcover. To order now, click The Business of Termite Control. For an excerpt from the book see the link in the box below.


Check out the articles linked below for the latest in pest control technical and business information. New articles appear regularly.

Technical–OSHA HCS Training Modules--FREE OSHA requires that pest management companies train their technicians on certain aspects of the revised Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). Training includes changes in the labels of non-pesticide hazardous chemicals, as well as knowledge of the new Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Click the link for 10 FREE Training Modules

Safety Zika Update September 16, 2016. Zika virus is an emerging threat in many areas of the United States, and a potential threat wherever Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes occur. Pest control technicians who work outside are at risk for getting Zika and should take precautions to avoid mosquito bites. Full story

Bed Bugs in Office Buildings: The Ultimate Challenge? This special report was funded by MGK and published by PCT magazine as a supplement to their February 2010 issue. Written by L. Pinto, R. Cooper, and S. Kraft, the guide is meant to help both pest management professionals as well as office management through the treatment process. Bed Bugs in Office Buildings PDF

Termite Business Strategies in Tough Times Excerpt from The Business of Termite Control. Termite control businesses face challenges in a troubled economy. In this article are some suggestions for generating business when times are tough. Of course, these strategies also work well when the good times are rolling, too. Full excerpt

Note: If you find any bugs in our website (so to speak), or if you have any suggestions or criticisms, please tell us about them by e-mailing to Thanks!

The revised Pest Control Technician Safety Manual is so complete that it is the core of many company safety programs. For more information, or to order your copy, click Safety Manual. Excerpts are available for your review (see Safety Manual Excerpt...Hantavirus and the Safety Manual Excerpt...Confined Spaces).


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